Accounts Receivable Financing

Putting Your Idle Assets to Work

Every company needs to leverage its assets effectively in order to maximize the value those assets contain. Many decision makers are surprised to learn that their company possesses idle assets that have yet to yield any potential value. Financing accounts receivable with Provident Commercial Capital is one great way of putting those idle assets to work for your benefit. These invoices have a surprising amount of value that can be working for you instead of occupying the attention of your AR team.

Putting Idle Accounts to Work

If your company bills clients in 30, 60, or 90 day cycles then there is a good chance that some of those bills still have not been paid. Waiting for client payments can make developing budget forecasts difficult and imprecise; decision makers need to have access to reliable information. Financing receivables through Provident Commercial Capital has many advantages:

  • You will receive a single payment instead of waiting for incremental partial payments
  • Competitive rates let you maximize the value of each invoice
  • Your AR team is free to attend to other accounts and to current customer concerns
  • No personal guarantees are required
  • No fixed payments

A Responsive Solution

Provident Commercial Capital is able to offer you cash for your accounts in just 24 hours; you do not have to wait for any arbitrary board decisions. To learn more about how accounts receivable financing works, just call one of our team members.