Contract Financing

Get the Working Capital Your Company Requires

Even prosperous businesses with plenty of work can struggle to amass the working capital required for day to day expenses. This is especially true for businesses in the first few years of life and for organizations in a period of rapid expansion. In these and other cases the demand for working capital may be greater than the available funds. Contract financing through Provident Commercial Capital is one dynamic solution to these and other circumstances.

Working Capital is Necessary

Transforming existing contracts and those in development provides immediate funds that can be used for any purpose. Imagine having extra money for:

  • Temporary, seasonal, or permanent hires
  • Advertising and promotional efforts
  • Additional space rental
  • Valuable, time-sensitive investment opportunities
  • Employee training, education, and networking

These are just some of the uses that the working capital can be used for. These funds can also be used to augment the budget required for your most important business operations.

Solutions for Any Company

Provident Commercial Capital is able to offer minimum deal sizes of $1,000,000. The service contracts we handle must have an equipment component. Though this program is not suited for ongoing maintenance agreements, it is ideal for startups and emerging companies in many different industries.

Let Provident Commercial Capital Help Your Company

To learn more about our valuable contract financing program, simply contact us today. One of our associates will be happy to help.