Equipment Leasing

A Powerful Alternative to Business Loans

A company’s equipment needs can vary considerably from one year to another. New technology should be embraced by obsolescence has to be considered. Provident Commercial Capital’s equipment financing program helps companies address these and other concerns. Leasing is an option that offers numerous advantages to all kinds of companies.

Why Consider Leasing

Leasing equipment through Provident Commercial Capital has many advantages over applying for a traditional business loan. For instance:

  • Business loans tie up lines of bank credit; leasing leaves these lines free for other uses
  • A lease can be finalized in a much shorter time than the weeks required for processing a loan
  • Little or no down payment is required
  • No financial statements are necessary

We offer numerous equipment leasing programs to better meet the needs of the many customers we serve.

B, C, and D Credits

This program is especially designed as a “second chance” program for companies and business owners with a damaged credit history. Qualifying for traditional loans can be difficult with a negative credit history; this program offers the opportunity to rebuild your score while putting essential pieces of equipment within reach.

Startup Program

This equipment financing option is intended specifically to help new companies access necessary equipment. If your organization is less than two years old, we can help you acquire the equipment required to serve your customers and remain competitive in your industry.

Government and Municipal

We are pleased to offer valuable leasing options to government and municipal agencies, including any federally control entity. Public schools, fire houses, police stations, and public libraries are just a few of the government entities we have assisted.

Sale and Lease Back

The equipment owned by a company is a valuable asset. In this program, items of equipment are sold directly to Provident; we offer competitive lease terms to our client who then continues to use the leased item. Once the terms of the lease agreement are fulfilled, the client regains full ownership of the item.

Learn More About Leasing

Leasing is an effective solution to many business concerns. Learn more about these important programs by contacting Provident today.