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A commercial fix and flip loan provide short-term financing for real estate investors to buy and renovate projects for the purpose of resale. It frees up your cash flow so it’s not all tied up in a high-cost investment so you can continue to run your business, as well as, help you close the gap in an investment that is just slightly out of reach, but has high-profit potential and ROI.

Also known as fix and flip financing, fix and flip lending, fix and flip funding…whatever you want to call it, Provident Commercial Capital helps real estate investors obtain needed short-term financing for rehab projects ranging anywhere between $500k and $10 million.

Provident Commercial Capital, located in San Clemente, CA, understands how rehab projects operate on tight schedules, which is why we offer fast and flexible fix and flip loans to keep renovation projects on track, meet deadlines, and market profitable properties quickly.

We understand the challenges of the commercial real estate market and the need for timely short-term financing to see your projects through, and then start the next one. We pride ourselves on short, no-nonsense applications, with fast approvals and quick closings. Whatever your property type—commercial, multi-family, mixed-use industrial—Provident is your reliable source of fix and flip loans to finance your next big opportunity. We know your time is money, so we make sure to get the money you need in no time at all.

Fix & Flip Loans

  • Loan PurposeRehab loan for non-owner-occupied investment properties
  • Rates Starting At8.99%*
  • Loan Amount$500,000 - $10,000,000
  • Maximum LTCUp to 90% purchase
    Up to 100% of rehab
  • Max Loan to ARV75%
  • Term LengthUp to 18 months
  • RecourseFull recourse only
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Why Choose Provident Commercial Capital for Your Fix & Flip Loan

Competitive Rates & Terms

Customized fix and flip loan solutions with compelling rates and terms.

Quick and Reliable

Professionals experienced in fix and flip loan requirements move projects fast, efficiently, and with certainty.

Personalized Service

Efficient and professional personalized service from start to finish. We meet your business needs because we know the needs of your business.

Lenders & Loans For Every Strategy

With a variety of fix and fix lenders and loan options, we help maximize your ROI and create a simplified experience for every investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fix and flip financing is lending customized to the timeline and requirements of your rehab project. You slowly pay it back on a monthly basis, and then pay off the loan once you’ve sold the property. Because fix and flip loans are for shorter periods than a regular bank loan, the interest rate is typically higher. However, the faster you can complete your project and pay off the fix and flip loan, the less interest you have to pay.

In most cases, fix and flip loans cover 75% of a rehab property’s total After Repair Value (ARV). The ARV is an estimate based on the location of the property, building comps, and value of similar repaired properties in the surrounding neighborhood over the last six months.

Interest rates are currently starting at 8.99%, but may be higher depending on the lender’s evaluation of risk as well as the current marketplace.

LTC is the loan-to-cost ratio, which compares the actual financing of the project, i.e., the fix and flip loan, to the cost of building the project. The LTC is a factor lenders use to determine the risk of the loan; the higher the LTC, the higher the risk.

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