Using Construction Loans for Large Projects

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Running a company isn’t the easiest task in the world, but you’ve managed to keep moving forward regardless of the challenges you face each and every day. While you’re keeping business pointed forward, you could always use a little help when it comes time to build a large-scale commercial real estate feature. Construction loans are some of the most suitable available arrangements out there and typically can get you everything you need for your next big project. However, there are a few things you should know before deciding whether or not this is the right course for you to take your business down.

Before You Apply

It’s always tempting just to waltz up to a bank and submit your application without doing much else. However, this dramatically reduces your chances of having your application accepted, and typically decreases the amount you’ll be approved for in the end if you do happen to get an affirmative. You need to get your information together prior to making your submission. Create a portfolio of what the project’s about, how you plan on moving forward and other pertinent details. The underwriter assigned to your case will be reviewing these details in order to create the terms and conditions of your construction loans, which can make a huge difference regarding how you’re able to proceed with the project.


The closing process associated with construction loans can oftentimes be unpredictable in nature, thanks to several variables involved in the process. No two buildings are alike. Therefore, no two loans can ever be quite the same in the end. You need to expect a heap of documentation and other paperwork that need your personal attention before you can actually collect your loan. Typically, you’ll receive a checklist of items you’ll need to see to before you can take advantage of your approved loan. Having your attorney present to help you with this process is always advisable to ensure you don’t manage to get in over your head.

Typically, the loan will be repaid in monthly installments. However, there’s a great deal of complexity involving hard costs and soft costs that must be addressed throughout the process, and which can make these loans more difficult than others to deal with.

Construction loans may not be the simplest solution to your large commercial real estate and construction needs, but in the end they certainly are some of the most effective. If you have in interest in taking out one of these loans, it’s always best to discuss with a professional beforehand to ensure you’re ready for the responsibility.

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