Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Bridge Financing Now Available With Quick Closing

We offer short-term commercial bridge loans for real estate transactions. We have the ability and the experience to close quickly on loan requests, often in as little as 48 hours. Provident Commercial Capital bridge loans are typically used in the following situations:

  1. Buy an investment property before selling your current property
  2. Renovate or make repairs to existing commercial property
  3. Provide additional working capital for your business
  4. Consolidate debt
  5. Take advantage of a unique commercial real estate opportunity

Provident’s commercial bridge loans are available in first-lien, second-lien, and mezzanine debt positions, with loan amounts ranging from $500,000 to $20 million. We offer flexible terms, competitive rates, and will work with you to structure a loan that meets your specific needs.

Provident Commercial Capital is a leader in providing “bridge” financing for small businesses. We understand that banks usually look at the last three years of financials to see if there is proper cash flow and collateral needed to fulfill their lending requirements for a project. When the financials are not currently sufficient or have not been sufficient for a long enough period to appease the bank, this will usually result in a turn-down.

This is precisely where we come in – we are able to provide the commercial bridge funding that small businesses need to get their projects off the ground. We have a deep understanding of small business needs and are committed to helping our clients grow and succeed.


Commercial Bridge Loans

  • Property Types:Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Office, Light Industrial, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Storage, Warehouse, Hospitality, Retail - value add opportunities
  • Loan Amount:$500k - $20M
  • Base Rate:6.99%
  • Transaction Types:Purchase, Rehab, Rate/ Term Refinance, Cash-out Refinance
  • Max LTV:75%
  • Max LTC:85%
  • Term Lengths:Bridge - Up to 36 Months
  • Demographic:Nationwide
  • Minimum FICO:500
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Building for the Future with a Short-Term Bridge Loan

We understand that not all commercial properties or businesses are "performing" at the time of purchase, and we are committed to providing the bridge loan you need to get your investment or company up and running. With our flexible repayment terms and competitive bridge rates, Provident is the ideal partner for your next commercial real estate venture.

Provident Commercial Capital is a leading provider of bridge financing for non-performing and underperforming investments and businesses. We work with our clients to provide the funding necessary to transform their investment or business from non-performing status to performing status within a short period of time. Our experienced team has a proven track record of successfully assisting our clients in achieving their goals.

The commercial bridge loan is interest-only and for a period of six months to three years. We specialize in loans for commercial properties that are not yet cash-flowing but have the potential to be. The bridge loan is intended to provide financing for the investor or business owner to get the property to a point where it is cash-flowing, at which point they can then secure long-term financing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial bridge loans are for short-term financing of up to 36 months and used for commercial properties including office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, and more. Collateral is usually required to secure these loans. The commercial real estate you’re purchasing or renovating will be what is used as the collateral on the loan.

The main difference is that a bridge loan is short-term and a conventional loan is long-term. Commercial bridge loans are typically repaid within 12 months, but ours is up to 36 months. Most conventional loans have repayment terms of 10 years, or up to 30 years.

Commercial bridge loans are useful when businesses need immediate financing and are confident they will quickly receive additional funding from another reliable source. Securing a bridge loan can have a short turnaround time, meaning a borrower can get one fast to pay for an immediate opportunity.

The main advantages to bridge loans are that they often close very quickly and are based more on the value of the commercial property than anything else. Other types of loans are often based on the income a property generates and deep analysis.

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