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If you are looking for commercial real estate loans to purchase or refinance in San Clemente, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, or Sacramento, California, or throughout the U.S., we can help! Whether your investment opportunity is a retail store, office building, warehouse, storage facility, or any other type of commercial real estate, Provident Commercial Capital has the perfect lender and loan program for you. We offer industry-leading loan solutions, providing you with the flexibility and leverage to capitalize on commercial estate investment opportunities for value-add projects or short-term hold strategies.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Programs

At Provident Commercial Capital, we understand that commercial real estate loan requirements and needs come in all shapes and sizes, which is why we strive to provide the most comprehensive commercial mortgage lending services possible. We’re here to listen to your commercial real estate financing needs and help you find a solution that’s tailored just for you. Our wide array of commercial mortgage lending options gives you flexibility and access to the loan program that fits your unique needs. We have the resources and expertise to ensure a smooth finance process from application to closing.

  1. Community Bank Lending Program: The Community Bank Lending program is for stabilized commercial investment or owner-operated business properties looking to acquire or refinance.
  2. Stated Income Real Estate Loan Program: The Stated Loan Program is for real estate owners not looking to supply a full financial package for multifamily, office, retail, warehouse, industrial, self-storage, automotive services, restaurants, bars, and mobile home parks to acquire or refinance.
  3. Bridge Loan / Flip Loan Program: The Bridge Loan or Flip Loan programs are for owners who have un-stabilized properties or shorter-term business plans.
  4. FHA-HUD: The FHA-HUD loan program is for multifamily and senior housing owners and potential purchasers looking to acquire, refinance or construct apartments or senior housing using long-term, non-recourse financing.
  5. Fannie Mae: The Fannie Mae loan program is for multifamily housing owners and potential purchasers looking to purchase or refinance using non-recourse financing.
  6. CMBS: The CMBS loan program is for office, multifamily housing, retail, hotels, industrial warehouses and self-storage facility owners and potential purchasers looking to acquire or refinance using non-recourse financing.
  7. HOA Loan Program: The HOA loan program is for homeowner’s associations looking to acquire real estate, acquire equipment or do capital maintenance projects.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

  • Property Types:Multifamily, Mixed-Use, Office Buildings, Industrial, Mobile Home Parks, Self-Storage, Warehouses, Senior Housing, Strip Malls, Shopping Centers, Car Repair Facilities, Restaurants & Bars - Value Add Opportunities
  • Loan Amount:$500K - $50M
  • Base Rate:4.99%
  • Transaction Types:Purchase, Rehab, Rate/Term Refinance, Cash-out Refinance,
  • RepositioningRefinance LTV: 75%
    Purchase LTV: 80%
  • Max LTC:80%
  • Term Lengths:Bridge - Up to 36 Months
    Term - 5, 7, 10, or 30 Year
  • Demographic:Nationwide
  • Minimum FICO:620
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Why Provident Commercial Capital?

Loan Programs for Purchasing, Refinancing, or Rehabbing Your Commercial Real Estate

Flexible Programs with Fast Approvals. Provident Commercial Capital stands out amongst commercial real estate loan services with its ability to provide a wide array of financing programs. The team specializes in both owner-occupied commercial properties and investor-owned properties, offering customized long-term loans for stabilized real estate, as well as alternative short-term finance options for un-stabilized properties.

We’re a premier commercial real estate lender in the market today. Our team of experienced underwriters has the distinctive ability to structure commercial mortgages according to our customer's specific needs with an impressive degree of accuracy. What sets us apart from others is our expertise as former small business owners and actual investors – this gives us first-hand knowledge and insight in understanding commercial real estate loan processes that we can share with our valued customers. We also make sure to look at the bigger picture and view the unique value each property, business, and investor brings to the table. Providing commercial real estate loans isn't just about checking boxes; it's about telling a story, which is something we at Provident strive to achieve!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Provident commercial real estate lenders and loans are fantastic for purchasing or refinancing storage facilities, warehouses, office buildings, or any other type of non-residential structure. Why? Because we get deals closed with competitive terms in a fast yet personalized manner.

Competitive Rates & Terms
Customized commercial real estate lending solutions with compelling loan terms and rates.

Quick and Reliable
Commercial real estate deals are complex and can move slowly, but our team of professionals allows us to move fast, efficiently, and with certainty.

Personalized Service
Receive personalized service that will help you every step of the way, offering an efficient and diligent loan process from start to finish.

Loan Products for Every Strategy
With a variety of commercial loan options, our team of real estate experts will help maximize your ROI and create a simplified experience for every investment strategy.

A private money lender is an investor who makes loans secured by real estate, typically charging a higher interest rate than banks but also making loans that banks would not make, funding more quickly than banks and / or requiring less documentation than banks.

Private money lenders differ from bank lenders in that they often fund more quickly, with fewer requirements. Private money lenders are considered “asset-based lenders” who focus mostly on the collateral for the loan, whereas banks require both strong collateral and usually excellent credit and cash flow from the borrower.

In our experience, even investors/developers with strong financial statements and access to bank credit frequently choose to use private money loans (also called “hard money loans”). Situations, where private money loans make the most sense, include those where the borrower:

  • Requires a quick closing and banks cannot meet the deadline
  • Has more good opportunities than cash;
  • Wants to avoid spending too much time raising equity or debt from many different smaller investors, but prefers to instead focus on finding new opportunities;
  • Lacks the patience or time to deal with¬†the bureaucracy¬†of securing a loan from a bank;
  • Has an excellent investment opportunity, but does not have sufficient financial strength to get a bank loan, and/or;
  • Has a bank line of credit but needs a larger loan than is allowed under the existing bank line

Private money lending can have a number of advantages over traditional bank financing including

  • A simpler application process and quicker approval/disapproval decision
  • Less scrutiny of the borrower’s personal financial situation, including income and historical tax returns, compared to bank loans
  • Borrowers can allocate less time to seeking financing and instead concentrate on other businesses;
  • Borrowers can avoid the humiliation of being rejected by a bank;
  • Most hard money lenders do not expect perfect credit and substantial amounts of disposable income from borrowers, but instead focus on the merits of the specific deal under consideration;
  • Self-employment is not seen as unacceptable to private lenders, whereas many banks view self-employment negatively and strongly prefer lending to professionals with very steady incomes.

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